Frequently asked questions. 

1. What is the difference between the dirt-bike kit and the snow-bike kit?

Snow-bike kits require a two chain system to insure zero movement with breaking and accelerating. When a long snow-bike is being used on a short sled deck (some bikes have 3 feet + of track hanging off the back of the deck) Dirt bike sit much closer to the ground and movement is minimal (less that 1 inch) for zero movement all dirt-bike kits include a front brake strap. 

2. What is the difference between L Track and E Track?

L and E track are two different types of anchor systems, L track is a smaller round anchor used in the airline industry that has a wide open design so they don't pack up with mud or snow easily E track is a very popular rectangle anchor used mostly in the trucking industry, it is a good system but trapped dirt may be harder to remove.

3. Do you make a street-bike kit?

At this present time we do not have a street-bike application. However we have been in testing and development for the past 9 months and on target to launch our new system in Fall 2020 

4. What are the typical shipping times?

Our shipping times are typically 3-4 days in the US and Canada. International shipping is typically 6-10 days, however each country has its own customs regulations and some countries can hold packages for up to 30 business days. 

5. Where are your parts made? 

Most of our parts are made in the US and Canada, Binderz are assembled in Canada. 

6. Do you sell wholesale? 

Yes, we will wholesale our Snow-bike/ Dirt-Bike kit

7. Do Bike Binderz work on adventure bikes?

Yes we have an adventure bike kit. 

8. Are they sold as a pair? 

Yes. Each kit includes a right and a left and all mounting hardware. 

9. What comes in the kit?

A pair of Bike Binderz, 2 floor anchors and all mounting hardware. 

10. Are they locakable?

Yes the snow-bike is lockable with the deck hock (not included in the kit) 

11. Do I still need a wheel chock?


12. Does the front wheel flip flop from side to side?


13. Why do you not have an E-Track snow-bike kit?

E-Track can easily trap ice and snow causing a build up which results in poor performance and possibly E-Track failure. 

14. What size bikes can I use Bike Binderz on?

Our Binderz work on 50CC (8 inches from floor to top of footpeg) - 450CC or 360 LBS including Snow-bikes.

15. Do Binderz work on heel saver foot-pegs?


Note for Canadian and Global customers, Bike Binderz ships world wide in the worlds most recognized currency USD

If you have a question that has not been asked on this page, please do not hesitate to ask. Email us at info@bikebinderz.com