You know how it goes – The Tie-Down tangle up after a hard days riding , then praying to the good lord all the way home that your precious cargo doesn't end up punching a hole through the wall of your trailer or you don't blow out your $300 dollar seals! What if this wasn’t your experience every time you go out? What if you could load your bike in under a minute without a wheel chock and know that it’s secure all the way there and unload just as quickly? You could breathe that fresh air, get that mud or snow on your goggles and feel that rush of adrenaline with out all the negative stress that goes along with transporting your bike.

This is where Bike Binderz comes in! We have the most innovative motorcycle and snow-bike tie down system available – period! Our Binderz are unbeatably strong, plus they are incredibly easy to use and install. Utilized and recommended by some of the best Moto X and Snow Bike athletes in the industry, such as Ronnie Renner, Robbie Maddison, Cody Matechuk, Brock Hoyer, Ken Block and the AJE super cross team. Our alternative to tie-downs are the last recreational transport devices that you will ever need. Our less than .01% return rate speaks volumes about our customer satisfaction. Anyone who buys one of these lightweight and durable devices is so happy with their purchase – and the freedom it affords them – that they never let it go!


Did you get a new truck or trailer?

If you got a new truck, trailer, toy hauler or if you need more options for bike placement you can just add anchors with any kit - no need to purchase a whole new system! That's how versatile the Bike Binderz system is buy it once use it forever.


Insane to imagine using anything else to secure my bike on here. Thanks for the amazing product and customer service.


Fantastic equipment. Thanks for making such a great product. I bought the snowbike kit for my DRZ400S due to it's weight. Perfect!

J. Ackermann

I couldn't be happier with the ADV version of the Bike Binderz. The bikes are no longer banging around, bouncing off the walls in the back of the van. I highly recommend them!

Camel ADV Products

Wondering which set is right for you?

We devised this chart to help you decide which set is right for you. If you are looking for maximum ease of use, something that works for both Snow and Dirt Bikes, and a system that works on bikes up to 275lbs then the Snow Bike/Dirt Bike L Track kit is the right fit for you.

All of our kits include all necessary hardware and have international shipping options.

You do not need to use wheel chocks with any of our systems.