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Unbeatably Strong

Our Binderz are CNC milled from a solid chunk of 6061 aluminum, guaranteed not to bend or buckle.

Made in North America

Bike Binderz are proudly built and tested in North America by expert craftsmen.

Lifetime limited warranty

We trust our products so we offer a lifetime limited warranty on every Bike Binder Kit.

Burn your tie downs!!!

You know how it goes – The Tie-Down tangle up after a hard days riding , then praying to the good lord all the way home that your precious cargo doesn't end up punching a hole through the wall of your trailer or you don't blow out your $300 dollar seals! What if this wasn’t your experience every time you go out? What if you could load your bike in under a minute without a wheel chock and know that it’s secure all the way there and unload just as quickly? You could breathe that fresh air, get that mud or snow on your goggles and feel that rush of adrenaline with out all the negative stress that goes along with transporting your bike.

Change the way you transport your bike

We have the most innovative way to transport your dirt bike, snow bike, adventure bike and E dirt bike. Our Binderz are unbeatably strong, plus they are easy to use and install.

Utilized and recommended by some of the best Moto X and Snow Bike athletes in the industry, such as Ronnie Renner, Robbie Maddison, Cody Matechuk, Brock Hoyer, Ken Block and the AJE super cross team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right Bike Binderz kit for your set up can be a little confusing. We've created this application finder to help you. 

Application Finder

Snow-bike kits require a two chain system to insure zero movement with breaking and accelerating. When a long snow-bike is being used on a short sled deck (some bikes have 3 feet + of track hanging off the back of the deck) Dirt bike sit much closer to the ground and movement is minimal (less that 1 inch) for zero movement all dirt-bike kits include a front brake strap. 

L and E track are two different types of anchor systems, L track is a smaller round anchor used in the airline industry that has a wide open design so they don't pack up with mud or snow easily (Bike Binderz manufactures our own L track for a much higher strength than off the shelf track) E track is a very popular rectangle anchor used mostly in the trucking industry, it is a good system but trapped dirt may be harder to remove.

At this present time we do not have a street-bike application. However we have been in testing and development for the past 9 months and on target to launch our new system in Fall 2021 

Our shipping times are typically 3-4 days in the US and Canada. International shipping is typically 6-10 days, however each country has its own customs regulations and some countries can hold packages for up to 30 business days. 

Most of our parts are made in the US and Canada, Binderz are assembled in Canada. 

We do! Please select your country for localized checkout and appropriate pricing, duties, and taxation processing.

We also have a separate site for Canadian Bike Binderz customers, with pricing in Canadian Dollars.

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